Philadelphia Wireless Dog Fence Review – Using A Wireless Dog Fence

Philadelphia Wireless Dog Fence Review – Using A Wireless Dog Fence

With technology it seems that sometimes things move too quickly. Yes, there are wireless dog fence systems on the market and they do prevent you from having to dig wires however these systems have not yet been perfected, there are many alarming issues occurring with these units that consumers need to be aware of.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Most of these units have a base unit that sends a wireless signal in an area around 180 feet in diameter.  About 90 feet each side of the wireless dog fence sending unit.  If your yard is not circular you will lose precious space. You can buy additional base units and hook them together but buyer beware that these units do no transmit through metal objects, trees, outbuilding or other structures. They even have problems if you have a hilly or low lying area. Most of the base units have to be stored indoors as they are not waterproof, thus limiting your space even further. Because the signal typically covers a portion of a neighbor’s yard, this causes problems if they have a wireless unit also and some have also complained of metal objects such as lawn chairs or other metal objects becoming charged.

The most disturbing issue with the wireless dog fence units is that they are very inconsistent, ten to twenty feet off in some situations. This is cruel and unusual punishment for a dog and can be psychological and physically damaging. You are trying to teach your dog the boundaries of the yard but regardless of where he goes he gets a correction in some situations and other times not. This causes some dog’s severe anxiety (not knowing where it is sage to go)  and they begin going to the bathroom indoors. For other it causes behavior issues such as excessive barking or aggression.

Is a Wi-Fi Pet Fence the Same as Wireless?

A new type of pet fence on the market is using radio technology yet they’re advertising makes it sound as if they are using the internet. These are wireless dog fence but there are no internet connections used with these devices. Wi Fi just makes them sound hi-tech. You get around 200 feet of coverage with these units and multiple base stations cannot be connected together. These are recommended for dogs that are twenty-five pounds or larger and the system supports a maximum of two pets. Once again there are issues with objects in the path of the signal and a lot of metal such as stud nails in your home or multiple cars on the property can cause these units to receive inferior radio signals. These units can also be inconsistent in their range.


Once you do the research you will see that some companies charge an additional fee for the installation and training manuals, some have very short warranty periods and most aren’t safe for your pet. The only company in the world that guarantee’s your dog will remained contained for one year is the Contain-A-Pet. They also have a lifetime warranty on their products which also are only made in the USA. They will install the system for you and provide a PROFESSIONAL trainer to ensure the safety of your dog.

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