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Chaining Up Your Pet vs. Philadelphia Dog Fence

Many areas across the U.S. have changed the laws concerning tethering or chaining up dogs.  California, Texas and Nevada are just a few. Many local municipalities have outlaw chaining up dogs and the punishment can even include jail time. Times have changed and it is no longer acceptable to have a dog chained up and it is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Some areas still allow it but only between set hours.

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Chained Outside Dogs

Most dogs left on chains are fed sporadically and often knock over their water dishes. They do not get the much needed interaction by their owners. Remember that dogs are pack animals and not only do they need the interaction with their pack they need it from a socialization stand point as well. Dogs kept on a chain can develop aggression or other behavioral problems.

Does Keeping a Dog Chained Up Outside Provide Protection?

There are still people out there that feel a dog chained up in the yard gives them protection against theft.  In most instances this is not the case because the burglar can get in and out without coming in contact with the dog.  A dog inside the home is 100% more likely to be a deterrent.

A Solution

Contain-A-Pet of SEPA can provide you with a safe and humane alternative to chaining up your dog. A Contain-A-Pet dog fence can give your dog the freedom it not only needs but deserves!!  Contain-A-Pet products carry a limited lifetime warranty and you also are issued a one year containment guarantee.  All training is done by a professional dog trainer not just some kid who knows how to install a dog fence.

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