New Puppy Tips

The feeling of getting a new puppy will usually rank among the top three happiest moments in your life.  But that delight can be short lived.  The first week after you bring home your new puppy can be traumatic if you are new to owning a puppy.  In this article I will give you a few puppy tips to surviving your first week and understanding puppy behavior as a new dog owner.

It would be nice to spend  some time to spend with your puppy in the beginning, especially if it is very young.  Time off from work will insure that your puppy begins to adapt well.  And, it will assist with the bonding process that can positively affect you and your dog for the rest of your lives together.

If possible, put a blanket or stuffed toy that contains the mother’s scent in with your puppy at night.  This may help to calm her.  How do you do this?  Take an item and have the breeder put it with the mother and her siblings or rub her with it.

Invest in a dog crate for your puppy.  I personally think every dog’s life with a new owner should begin with a crate.  A crate saves you in time and anxiety when dealing with potty training your puppy.  It will also preserve your furniture and belongings from detrimental behaviors that puppies are known to do.

One thing that may help is the use of a ticking clock when time to go to bed.  This will help your puppy to sleep as the ticking sound emulates the heart beating of mom and/or her siblings.
Be ready to effectively clean up accidents.  No matter how vigilant you are, accidents will happen.  I advise purchasing an enzyme removal cleaner made especially for puppy/dog mistakes.  This is essential for clean up of the visual accident and the smells that could get left behind.

Buy a bottle of bitter apple spray.  Puppies love to chew and be destructive.  This is how they investigate their world.  Bitter apple spray is an excellent prevention.

Puppy proof your home to shelter your puppy and your possessions.  Just like with crawling babies, remove all dangers at their level.  Also, always watch your puppy when out of her crate.  It only takes one time for something bad to occur.

Hopefully, these puppy tips on puppy behavior will help you survive your first week with your puppy and set the stage to a great life together.  Consistency and a watchful eye are keys to making it through this time period.


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