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When shopping for hidden dog fences you will notice that some companies boast that they have never been reported to the Better Business Bureau.  Now grant it they may have exceptional products and services but the best dog fence in the world won’t do you any good if your dog does n0t understand how the system works.  Most companies will happily set up the fence for you and throw you an instruction book on their way out which is supposed to show you how to train your dog on the fence.  Most people don’t have a clue as to how to properly train their dog.  Any company leaving you in this situation is irresponsible.

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Some companies will gladly teach your dog how to use the fence but they do not have professional dog trainers.  Anyone can claim to have the knowledge needed to fence train a dog but do they really have the credentials?  A lot damage can be done to a dog both physically and psychologically if training is not done properly. Some dogs become so damaged that they no longer want to go outside.  They are terrified of the yard and what happens to them when they cross the boundary line. These dogs suffer undue harm that could have been avoided with professional training.

At Contain-A-Pet of SEPA we decided that professional training is a important aspect of dog fence training  so we  are certified, professional dog trainers.  Your dog is a unique creature with his own traits, abilities and personality. As a professional trainer, we are able to identify what motivates your dog.  By assessing your dog’s behavior we can establish a training plan that will be effective.

You don’t have to worry about us leaving too soon before your dog understands the process as we guarantee their containment. If after one year your dog does not remain contained within the boundaries you specified, we will refund your money. We wouldn’t offer this incredible guarantee  if we weren’t certain of the successful results.

Many people don’t realize the importance of getting a complete “package” deal when purchasing a dog fencing system.  They try to take the cheapest route possible and in the process end up with a dog who doesn’t obey the boundaries or a dog that is so psychologically damaged that he doesn’t even want to go outside. They were successful in getting a good deal, but they were not successful in getting a product that worked for them or their dog.

Call Tom  today a 610-604-4268 to see just how a professional dog trainer can make a difference in you and your dogs life with a Contain-A-Pet Dog Fence System.

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